JESP is always grateful to the incredible amount of volunteer work contributed by our vast network of referees from across philosophy and a range of cognate fields, who put in an incredible amount of uncompensated work for no other reason than that we e-mail them out of the blue to ask them to do it, and they believe in professional service and in the possibilities of fully open-access journal publication. 

This year, we have chosen a small group of our referees from 2019 and 2020 to designate as belonging on our JESP Referee Honor Roll for contributing in ways that are some combination of especially timely, reliable, and courteously instructive.  The construction of this list is in many ways arbitrary and many other names could easily have gone onto it.  But these are people who have been singled out by our associate editors as particularly worthy of thanks over the last year or more.


JESP Referee Honor Roll


Renee Bolinger

Mark Budolfson

Billy Dunaway

Jessica Flanigan

Mike Huemer

Stephen John

David Lefkowitz

Declan Smithies

Bart Streumer

Pekka Vayrynen

Preston Werner